Using the analytics of past and current destination paths we can develop an effective user journey for any website design. We understand the importance of social media, blogs, SEO and digital design to create the most effective framework for your site.

Traditional marketing methods can appear inauthentic in this day and age. Social media presence gives consumers a voice and connects to people on a personal level. At Corporate Risk Management SL we understand that successful businesses rely on loyal consumers. Targeting the right consumers with an appropriate tone we can create an experience that brings your clients closer to your brand.

Twitter is an efficient tool for collecting feedback from consumers about your products and services. It also helps build a reputation and can increase brand awareness to any small businesses. Maintaining activity on social media is important to keep at the forefront of people’s minds. At Corporate Risk Management SL we can manage these channels for you.

LinkedIn has proven to be incredibly important for networking and recruitment. It’s a great way to build and maintain client relations, and to let the right people in your circles know about new product launches. Professionals on Linked In can view referrals and interests, which contribute to making it a simple and effective way to generate leads for business.

We appreciate that in a sector built on facts and figures, writing engaging copy can be a difficult task. With an objective point of view, we can guide you on what to omit and what to use, writing creative yet professional copy and presenting your products and services with an accessible tone.

Experience, knowledge and talent are crucial in designing graphics that make a good first impression. We can make your website, social media and business materials look slick and glossy using the right fonts, images, spacing.

Publishing advertising on channels that will get to your consumer is key. We work with media agencies to ensure that your advertising is marketed at the right audiences across TV, Radio, Press and Online.

Reputation is something we take very seriously at Corporate Risk Management SL. Working with the finest PR firms we come up with strategies that can either make your brand known or ensure it’s clandestine, depending on what it is you need.

Business Cards can influence whether or not a short interaction turns into a lead. At Corporate Risk Management SL it’s not just a business card, it’s a way in which we can use elegant design and high quality material to make your meeting the most memorable. Equally letterheads, portfolios and booklets would be regarded with the same passion and care.

It’s important to be precise in this environment; when we say “marketing” we mean:

  • The preparation of all promotional and marketing material.
  • The compliance and regulatory checks to ensure the products and supporting documentation comply with financial promotion rules and regulations in your jurisdiction.
  • The design and print of all point-of-sale and online material.
  • Copywriting, editorial and audio and video media content.
  • SEO and PPC marketing
  • Financial PR.
  • Website Design and Analytics
  • Social media creation and management.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Writing all regulatory disclaimers.
  • Providing specialist CRM software to market, promote and track investment related business.
Essentially Corporate Risk Management SL deals with three different business groups, all of whom are in need of each other:

“The Investors”

  • A multi-national network of Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals, Investment Clearing Houses and Platforms that are looking to invest into new and exciting opportunities.
  • “The Opportunities”

  • Thousands of corporations, new companies and individuals who are now in the process of raising funds for new and innovative business models.
  • “The Fund Raisers”

  • • Many thousands of professional and experienced fundraisers who have made it their career to sell investment opportunities to investors.

All of these entities sit on our database, and making introductions is what makes our world go ‘round! So, Corporate Risk Management SL is ideally suited to turn an “idea”, into a “business model” into a “funding opportunity” into a success!

And The Best News?

We can do a great deal of it on risk, we keep your cash flow safe and your cash contributions to the extreme minimum… taking a small slice of your success at the end.

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