Fund Raising

The first step to raising capital is to understand your market. This is achieved by in-depth analysis of their demographics and identifying indicator trends.

Once you’re familiar with your market-sector, who your target market is and where they reside, your next issue is how to approach them. In short your marketing program. Above the line, below the line? Retail attack, institutional raise, niche market sniping or broad market scatter-gun, radio, TV, spam, social media, Facebook, twitter, mailshot, telemarketing or maybe a newspaper campaign…. Or possibly just give the entire raising effort over to a broker?

  • The main question on everyone’s minds at this juncture will be their marketing costs versus inward investment….
  • What is my Fund Raising going to cost in terms of marketing and commissions?
  • What proportion of the funding will I actually get to apply into my business model and when?
  • Will my business be able to generate enough profit from what I’m left with to pay back the principal and interest?

The answers to all of these concerns sits in the first sentence…only by in-depth analysis of your intended target market demographic can you understand how to approach them, what your likely results will be, and how much it will cost you. Corporate Risk Management SL either already holds or has access to that data.

Each business transaction creates data which over time accumulates to provide ‘data sets’ that can be used to measure and predict future trends. The data can show upward and downward shifts, which can prove to be extremely lucrative for those in possession of this information. Analysis of market trends can alert you to the possibility of diminishing future profits, which may not have an immediate effect but could have a devastating impact on the bottom line in the long term.

Corporate Risk Management SL only provides analysis within the strict confines of the market sectors that we understand thoroughly: Property Development Companies and Financial Institutions working either within the debt securitization or lending sectors.

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Although the questions are different, the fundamentals are the same. The primary concern should always be risk, everything else; time, percentage interest, profit-share, internal rate of return, assets, repayment schedule, currency fluctuation, market conditions etc. they are all superfluous when considered in relation to risk. Yes, many of the aforementioned issues also contribute towards the risk profile, but they should first be considered solely in their risk context.

Corporate Risk Management SL holds trend analysis, performance and demographic risk data in various market sectors in Europe and the United States; mainly in the Financial Services arena and especially within consumer lending environment.