Fund Raising

, once you have identified your target market, attention should be turned to implementing a strategy targeting each of these sectors. For example, a proposal to venture capitalists will need to be packaged differently than a proposal to the retail sector. It could well be that a Capital Protected Investment might be appropriate (in which case we can help you with your Default Security Assets and Security Trust Deed), or Investment Managers Indemnity is required. The product taken to market to raise the funds required sometimes needs to be custom designed to attack the demographic of investor you are targeting; in other instances an off-the-shelf solution works just fine.


Corporate Risk Management SL does not give advice on, recommend or arrange investments. We cannot and do not enter into “Attitude to Risk” profiles of individual investors. We solely and exclusively provide risk data on the intended market sector should we be requested to do so.

Research, Collation and Presentation

Corporate Risk Management SL collaborates with international legal and financial professionals to deliver products that to adhere to the international financial services regulations in the different jurisdictions (including Collective Investment Schemes, Funds, Financial Promotion rules and regulations). It is extremely difficult to navigate the different rules and regulations; requirements can differ dramatically between jurisdictions. You can easily fall foul of Regulators if they feel you have infringed legislation.

If you have access to a high yielding business model or a specific asset, you may already understand the appeal of your product, its potential profitability and predicted results. Corporate Risk Management SL can advise you on the best routes to market, by including the product in listed exchanges or converting assets in ‘listed products’.

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