Acquisitions and Mergers

Financial markets are highly regulated in most jurisdictions. Any complications in the process can make setting up a new investment company an extremely costly exercise. This means that it could sometimes be more cost-effective to purchase an off-the-shelf company or to join a cell structure.

Corporate Risk Management SL works for and on behalf of disclosed and undisclosed clients currently in the process of corporate acquisitions. We afford clients access to international legal counsel and auditors to deliver rigorous due diligence, compliance, financial and legal analysis of the target acquisition.

The vast majority of acquisitions are never offered on the open market and many times purchasers wish to remain anonymous, especially if they acquiring shareholding surreptitiously; negotiations are often conducted by proxy. In this case, funds would be placed in escrow and a third party holding company would take ownership prior to the share transfer, thereby allowing the investor to remain anonymous.

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